Where’s That Record? (Rohit Agrawal)

Today we will be exploring some new features introduced in the Office Developer Tools – March 2014 Update that make filtering rich sets of data easier – Table Sort, Search bar and auto-complete support for modal picker. These features work with both LightSwitch HTML client apps and O365 Cloud Business Apps. For the following example,… Read more

Improvements in Working with Large Data Sources

Business apps typically need to connect to large data sources and schemas. That’s why in the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 – March 2014 Update we’ve done a lot of work to improve the experience for working with large data models in both LightSwitch projects and Cloud Business Apps. In addition to improving… Read more

New Navigation Features in LightSwitch HTML Client (Chris Rummel, Rohit Agrawal)

Today we’ll be exploring two new features added to LightSwitch HTML Client – global navigation and default details screens. With global navigation you can navigate to any Browse screen from any other screen throughout the LightSwitch application. Default detail screens let you jump directly to the details page of a given entity. We added these… Read more

Drag and Drop with LightSwitch HTML Client (Rohit Agrawal)

While the built-in controls and features provided by LightSwitch are optimized for smaller form factors, it is possible to take advantage of the mouse events available on desktop browsers to enable drag and drop when then situation calls for it. With HTML5 it is possible to grab an object with a mouse click from one… Read more

The LightSwitch HTML Table Control (Rohit Agrawal)

Recently we announced the availability of Release Candidate for Visual Studio 2013 and highlighted some of the new features introduced in LightSwitch. The Table control is one of those newly added features. This post provides a walk-through of the new Table control and briefly covers keyboard navigation & accessibility. The Table control is based on… Read more

Spice Up Your HTML Client UI With Code (Rohit Agrawal)

Often we wish to personalize the HTML Client in order to either add extra functionality or to give a screen more personal and snazzy look. In this post I will walk you through some ways we can add JQuery mobile controls, add HTML code and even make css changes through code. We will be going… Read more