Tips and Tricks for Lync Integration (Nicole Haugen, Ravi Eda)

The Person Viewer and Person Picker controls were introduced in Visual Studio 2013 to support the Person data type which makes it easy to manage people-related data in your application. These controls depend on various components such as SharePoint, Lync, ActiveX and browser settings in order for them to display properly. Knowing a few simple… Read more

Using the Person Business Type (Karol Zadora-Przylecki, Ravi Eda)

The Person business type is a new LightSwitch feature introduced in Visual Studio 2013. Its goal is to make it easy to add and manage people-related data in your application. In this post we will show you how to use the Person type and what it can do for you. Getting Started Suppose you are… Read more

Team Development Series – Part 5: Leveraging Code Analytics (Ravi Eda)

This article demonstrates the usage of code analytic tools available for LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2013. Analytic tools that will be covered include – Code Analysis, Code Metrics, Code Maps and Remote Debugging. Code analysis tools enable developers to improve their code. These tools help find code issues early in the development cycle, find bug… Read more

How to Create Composed and Scalar Queries (Ravi Eda)

This article presents a scenario at a sales team that shows the benefit of using composed and scalar queries. It presents a detailed walkthrough for creating composed and scalar queries in LightSwitch, and creating screens to display the query results. Composed query is a query that operates on the results of another query. Scalar query… Read more

How to Elevate Permissions in Server Code (Ravi Eda)

This article introduces the concept of permission elevation in LightSwitch. It presents a scenario at a shipping department of a store to show the need for elevation of privileges. Code samples to add, remove and control the scope of elevation are included. Permission elevation in server code is a new feature introduced in LightSwitch Beta… Read more