Enhancements in Visual Studio 2012 for Sorting Data across Relationships (Michael Simons)

Sorting data across relationships is often required when building applications within LightSwitch.  For example, suppose you are building a LightSwitch application that attaches to the Category and Product tables from the Northwind database. You can probably imagine applications in which you would want to display products and have them sorted by their associated Category’s CategoryName. … Read more

How Do I: Create Custom Search Screens in LightSwitch? (Beth Massi)

Check it out! We just released a new How Do I video on the LightSwitch Developer Center. I created this one based on suggestions from you so I hope you like it! How Do I: Create Custom Search Screens in LightSwitch? In this video you will learn a couple techniques you can use when creating… Read more

How to Create a Search Screen that Can Search Properties of Related Entities (John Chen)

LightSwitch has a powerful search data screen template to allow you quickly create a search screen in your LightSwitch application.  You can watch Beth’s How Do I video to get started: How Do I: Create a Search Screen in a LightSwitch Application? In this blog, I am going to answer one frequently asked question: How… Read more

How to Create Composed and Scalar Queries (Ravi Eda)

This article presents a scenario at a sales team that shows the benefit of using composed and scalar queries. It presents a detailed walkthrough for creating composed and scalar queries in LightSwitch, and creating screens to display the query results. Composed query is a query that operates on the results of another query. Scalar query… Read more

How to use lookup tables with parameterized queries (Karol Zadora-Przylecki)

Suppose you have two tables participating in a 1:many relationship, like Regions and Territories from the Northwind sample database: Region Column Name Type RegionID integer RegionDescription string Territory Column Name Type TerritoryID integer TerritoryDescription string RegionID integer The task is to build a screen that lets the user select a Region from a drop-down list… Read more