How to Build a Cloud Business App with SAP Data

For the Office Developer Tools – March 2014 Update, we’ve added several new features that enhance the experience for connecting to enterprise data sources. Whether you are building a LightSwitch app or a Cloud Business App, you can now create a line of business app that: Connects to SAP as a first-class data source. Allows… Read more

Tips and Tricks for Lync Integration (Nicole Haugen, Ravi Eda)

The Person Viewer and Person Picker controls were introduced in Visual Studio 2013 to support the Person data type which makes it easy to manage people-related data in your application. These controls depend on various components such as SharePoint, Lync, ActiveX and browser settings in order for them to display properly. Knowing a few simple… Read more

All About Newsfeeds With Your Cloud Business App (Nicole Haugen)

Cloud Business Apps in Visual Studio 2013 allow you to easily integrate with SharePoint and use the Office 365 collaboration and social features – including newsfeeds.  You can now expose entity data in your app as a newsfeed so that users can choose to follow your app and receive posts to their personal newsfeed each… Read more

LightSwitch OData Consumption Validation in Visual Studio 2012 (Nicole Haugen)

Now that LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 supports the ability to consume OData feeds, there are a wide variety of feeds that can be used to build interesting LightSwitch applications, ranging from NetFlix to Dynamics CRM.  However, it’s important to remember that all feeds are not equal – each one may have varying levels of… Read more