Introduction to jQuery for App Customization (Kevin Mehlhaff)

JQuery is a popular JavaScript library that is used by many websites. LightSwitch employs jQuery to make it easy for developers to customize their applications. JQuery enables you to easily select, manipulate, and traverse HTML elements in the document object model, or DOM. You can think of the DOM as being a tree of elements,… Read more

Spice Up Your HTML Client UI With Code (Rohit Agrawal)

Often we wish to personalize the HTML Client in order to either add extra functionality or to give a screen more personal and snazzy look. In this post I will walk you through some ways we can add JQuery mobile controls, add HTML code and even make css changes through code. We will be going… Read more

Announcing Runtime Update 1 – Supporting jQueryMobile 1.3

When we took a bet on jQuery, jQueryMobile, and datajs for our HTML client, we recognized that we’d need to adapt to the rapid release cadence these frameworks employ.  At the same time, we know that small issues in our application runtime can cause considerable strife.  Our response is to start delivering a series of… Read more