How to Export Data to Microsoft Word with the LightSwitch HTML Client – Part 3 (Elizabeth Maher)

In the previous articles, we have covered how to add a web controller to the Server project that can route requests and allow use to generate a Word document with record details using OpenXml and return it to the client. If you missed them: How to Export Data to Microsoft Word with the LightSwitch HTML… Read more

LightSwitch HTML Client API Reference Released

You asked for it, and here it is. I’m proud to announce the availability of the HTML Client API Reference in the MSDN Library. The single page article provides reference documentation for every member of the JavaScript API for LightSwitch HTML clients. While many of the members include example code, many do not – and… Read more

“Just My Code” for JavaScript (Pierson Lee)

With the new Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 – March 2014 Update comes a feature called “Just My Code” for JavaScript, which can speed up your debugging experience by allowing you to focus on debugging your own code, and not library or framework code. In this post, I’ll walk through how this works…. Read more

Saving to Multiple Data Sources in the HTML Client (Stephen Provine)

One of the great features of Visual Studio LightSwitch and Cloud Business Apps (CBA) is its ability to perform what we call data mashup. You can connect to multiple data sources, configure virtual relationships between entities in different data sources, and then visualize all of the data at the same time. One interesting data mashup… Read more

Scalar Properties and Collection Properties and Screens! Oh My! – An Overview of Screen Property Actions (Sara Itani)

In the beginning of The Wizard of Oz, the Munchkins urge Dorothy to “follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Yellow Brick Road!” Y’know… Dorothy probably wouldn’t have been very happy if the neighboring red brick road turned out to be shorter and/or devoid of lions, tigers, and bears. Similarly, you probably wouldn’t be very happy… Read more

Where’s That Record? (Rohit Agrawal)

Today we will be exploring some new features introduced in the Office Developer Tools – March 2014 Update that make filtering rich sets of data easier – Table Sort, Search bar and auto-complete support for modal picker. These features work with both LightSwitch HTML client apps and O365 Cloud Business Apps. For the following example,… Read more