Localizing a LightSwitch Application (Heinrich Wendel)

With Visual Studio Update 2 we finally added a functionality a lot of you (especially outside the US) have been waiting for, the localization of LightSwitch applications into multiple languages. Until then you had to hardcode a single language into your application. Finally, international companies and companies that are located in countries that use multiple… Read more

Many-To-How-Many – HTML Edition (Heinrich Wendel)

The original idea of this blog post was to simply provide you with a tutorial on how to create a many-to-many control for your HTML app, using the built-in controls and some glue code to hook up the correct logic. Andy wrote a similar post for the Silverlight client and we later shipped a control… Read more

Designing for Multiple Form Factors (Heinrich Wendel)

Creating applications that run on a variety of form factors has become a necessity in an environment where applications live in the cloud and people bring their own devices to work, commonly referred as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The range of devices was extended from desktops to smartphones and tablets as well. They have… Read more

A New User Experience (Heinrich Wendel)

After releasing the preview of our HTML Client to a broader audience, it became pretty clear from your feedback that we had to work on the user experience of LightSwitch HTML applications. While not everybody is an expert in user experience design, it is the core of any modern application and a driving factor for… Read more

Visualizing List Data using a Map Control (Heinrich Wendel)

The true power of LightSwitch lies in its combination of Access-like ease of use and quick ramp-up, while also remaining attractive for complex coding scenarios. The new LightSwitch HTML Client allows you to build modern apps in a couple of minutes, deploy them to online services like SharePoint and Azure and access them from a… Read more