HTML Upload Control For LightSwitch SharePoint Apps (Matt Sampson)

Matt Sampson, Senior Tester on the LightSwitch Team, wrote an HTML Upload Control available on NuGet that you can use in your SharePoint-enabled apps. The control will upload any file to a document library. He wrote a post on his blog showing how to upload images with just a few lines of JavaScript code that… Read more

The Cosmopolitan shell and theme source code is released!

We’ve released the source code for the Cosmopolitan shell and theme, allowing you use the default LightSwitch 2012 shell and theme as starting points for your own custom shells and themes. You can download the source here. Custom LightSwitch shells and themes are topics that crop up commonly on customer visits and in the forums,… Read more

New Office Integration Pack Extension Released to CodePlex

If you haven’t noticed, Grid Logic has been working on a new version of the Office Integration Pack and has opened up source code for community contributions on CodePlex! Released last year, the Office Integration Pack is a LightSwitch extension that makes it easy to manipulate the 2010 versions of Excel, Word and Outlook… Read more

Connect LightSwitch to Oracle, Sybase, DB2 with Progress DataDirect

A lot of folks have been asking for this so we thought we would give a shout out to Progress DataDirect who released some ADO.NET EF providers for connecting to Oracle, Sybase and DB2 directly from Visual Studio LightSwitch. (Note that these providers do not work with LightSwitch in VS11 Beta at this time, they… Read more

LightSwitch Cosmopolitan Shell and Theme for Visual Studio 11 Beta Released

We’ve just released the beta version of the LightSwitch Cosmopolitan Shell and Theme extension for VS11 Beta on VS Gallery! We took your feedback and drew inspiration from the Silverlight Cosmopolitan theme in designing the extension. The shell and theme provides a modern UI to achieve a more immersive feel, simple and clean styling for… Read more

LightSwitch Filter Control For Visual Studio 11 Beta

We’ve released a new version of the LightSwitch Filter control extension that is compatible with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11. If you were using the previous version of this control and you want to upgrade your LightSwitch project to Visual Studio 11, first install this control. Then open the project in Visual Studio 2010 and… Read more

Many-to-Many Control Released!

A common request that the LightSwitch team receives is to provide a control to deal with many-to-many relationships (ex. the relationship between Categories and Blog Posts).  One of the more common ways to deal with this is by displaying a list of checkboxes or a tree of checkboxes.  We’ve just released it an extension that… Read more

How to Create a RIA Service Wrapper for an Editable OData Source

Introduction LightSwitch has built-in support for SQL Server and SharePoint data sources. To access other data sources, you can write a custom WCF RIA DomainService. This post will show you how to read and write from an Odata Service by wrapping access to it in a DomainService. There are a couple limitations on the OData… Read more

Grid Logic Releases the Office Integration Pack for LightSwitch

Grid Logic has released a LightSwitch extension that helps you work with Microsoft Office called the Office Integration Pack. This extension makes it easy for LightSwitch developers to manipulate the 2010 versions of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook in a variety of ways common in desktop business applications. Create documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, email… Read more

Extensibility – Metro Theme Sample Code Released!

This morning the LightSwitch Team released samples in both Visual Basic and C# that contain the code for the recently released Metro Theme for Visual Studio LightSwitch. For more information on creating extensions for Visual Studio LightSwitch, seeVisual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Extensibility Toolkit. Download the LightSwitch Metro Theme Extension Sample The sample expands upon the… Read more