LightSwitch Concurrency Enhancements in Visual Studio 2012 (Eric Erhardt)

Many problems can occur in applications when multiple users are allowed to edit the same record at the same time.  Some simple applications take a “last edit wins” approach, where the last person to save their changes gets their changes applied in the end.  This has the obvious problem that any user who changed the… Read more

Updating Records in LightSwitch using Stored Procedures (Eric Erhardt)

Eric Erhardt has posted part 2 in his series on using stored procedures in LightSwitch. In the second part, he describes how you can use Visual Studio LightSwitch to update database records using stored procedures.  A lot of database administrators only allow modifications to data through stored procedures.  Using this simple approach, you can easily… Read more

Executing a Simple Stored Procedure in LightSwitch (Eric Erhardt)

Eric Erhardt has posted part 1 of a series on using stored procedures in LightSwitch.  In the first part, he describes how you can execute a stored procedure when a user clicks a button on your LightSwitch screen. The blog post is here – Executing a Simple Stored Procedure in LightSwitch…. Read more

Diagnosing Problems in a Deployed 3-Tier LightSwitch Application (Eric Erhardt)

There are a number of times when a LightSwitch application works perfectly on a developer’s machine, but as soon as it has been deployed to an Internet Information Services (IIS) machine, it no longer works.  Problems can range from IIS not being configured correctly to the database connection string being incorrect.  Or an assembly might… Read more

How Do I: Display a chart built on aggregated data (Eric Erhardt)

In a business application there is often a need to roll-up data and display it in a concise format.  This allows decision makers the ability to analyze the state of the business and make a decision quickly and correctly.  This roll-up may retrieve data from many different sources, slice it, dice it, transform it, and… Read more

How Do I: Create and Use Global Values In a Query (Eric Erhardt)

Visual Studio LightSwitch has a powerful query subsystem that enables developers to build the queries their applications need in order to display business data to end users.  Developers can easily model a query that will filter and sort the results.  They can also model parameters that can be used in the filters.  And where the… Read more

How Do I: Filter Items in an Auto Complete Box or Modal Window Picker in LightSwitch (Eric Erhardt)

Note: This article has been updated for Beta 2 on 3/17/2011 As with most application platforms, it is possible to associate related pieces of data in Visual Studio LightSwitch. A classic example is a SalesOrder is associated with the Customer that placed the order. When a sales order entry clerk is entering a new sales… Read more