LightSwitch Community and Content Rollup – May 2014

It has been a busy month for the LightSwitch community! I have many wonderful extensions, articles,  a release and even a e-book to share. If you have missed past content rollups, you can check them all out here: LightSwitch Community & Content Rollups. Visual Studio 2013 Update2 The LightSwitch team are particularly excited about the… Read more

LightSwitch Community and Content Rollup – April 2014

Two Beths for the Price of One This month’s content rollup is not written by the fabulous Beth Massi, but instead being written by a different Beth. Hi, I’m Elizabeth Maher. You’ve probably seen me around in the forums and team blog. Wondering how to tell us apart? I prefer Elizabeth, or Liz, if you… Read more

LightSwitch Community and Content Rollup–March 2014 (+//build/)

A while back I started posting a monthly rollup of interesting community happenings, content, samples and extensions popping up around Visual Studio LightSwitch over on my personal blog. If you missed those rollups you can check them all out here: LightSwitch Community & Content Rollups. This month I’ve decided to move the community & content… Read more

Visual Studio 2013 Released – Thank You LightSwitch Community!

Soma just announced that Visual Studio 2013 has been released to the web! Download Visual Studio 2013 We are super excited to get this release out the door and into your hands. Visual Studio 2013 contains a ton of new tools for developers to build best of breed, modern applications and services. WHAT’S NEW? For… Read more

//BUILD Session: Building Connected Business Applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch

Friday, John Stallo, Lead Program Manager of the LightSwitch team, did a session at //BUILD that is now available online. We’re very excited about the LightSwitch HTML Client and the direction we’re taking the product. Check out John’s presentation to learn more. Watch: Building Connected Business Applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch With the recent addition… Read more

LightSwitch Team Chats with MVPs about Visual Studio 11 Beta

Yesterday afternoon Jay Schmelzer and Beth Massi chatted with MVPs Andrew Brust and Michael Washington about LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11 Beta. Jay and Andrew talk about what developers can look forward to in the next release of LightSwitch and Beth and Michael chat about the community. Check out these short videos on the MVP… Read more

LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup–September (Beth Massi)

Now that the Visual Studio LightSwitch community is really growing I thought I’d start posting some of the cool articles, videos, samples and extensions I find each month. First off, here are the LightSwitch team “hangouts” where you can get training, ask questions, and interact with the LightSwitch team. The biggest one of course is:… Read more

Visual Studio LightSwitch Technical White Paper Series

Andrew Brust from Blue Badge Insights has just published a great series of whitepapers on Visual Studio LightSwitch aimed at educating you on what LightSwitch is and what it can do for you. Check out the PDFs below. What is LightSwitch? This is the first in a series of white papers about Microsoft® Visual Studio®… Read more