Azure Web Site Enhancements

Hopefully you already know that publishing your LightSwitch app or Cloud Business App to an Azure Web site is the quickest and easiest way to get your app published. You may not know, however, about some recent enhancements in Visual Studio that also make it easier to manage and interact with Azure Web Sites. Create… Read more

Debugging your LightSwitch Application in Microsoft Azure Web Sites

You have built a LightSwitch application and deployed it to an Azure Web Site and everything is working as expected. One day you receive a call that your application is not functioning as it should be. What should you do? In this article, I’ll show how you can debug your LightSwitch application when it is… Read more

New LightSwitch VS 2012 “How Do I?” Videos Released! (Beth Massi)

Check it out! We just released a couple new videos on the LightSwitch Developer Center’s “How Do I?” video section. These videos continue the Visual Studio 2012 series where we walk through the new features available in LightSwitch in VS 2012. How Do I: Perform Automatic Row-Level Filtering of Data? In this video, see how… Read more

Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with Visual Studio 2012–UPDATED

The recent release of LightSwitch for Visual Studio 2012 included some updates around publishing to Azure.  Most importantly, we have made it even easier to publish your LightSwitch applications to Azure Web Sites by improving the publish wizard.  For more information on these updates, and a step-by-step walkthrough on publishing to Azure, check out the… Read more

Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with Visual Studio 2012

UPDATED 8/29/2012: Updated for Visual Studio 2012 and Azure SDK 1.7.1 With the release of Visual Studio 2012, we’ve improved the experience for publishing LightSwitch applications to Windows Azure.  The Azure deployment support for LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 depends on the Windows Azure SDK for .NET – June 2012 SP1, which was released August… Read more

MSDN Magazine: Deploying LightSwitch Applications to Windows Azure (Mike Wade)

Check it out, the November issue of MSDN Magazine is online and our very own Mike Wade has an article about deploying LightSwitch apps to Azure. In this article Mike Wade shows how to deploy an application built using Visual Studio LightSwitch to Windows Azure, which eliminates the need to dedicate resources to infrastructure management…. Read more

Update for LightSwitch Released

The LightSwitch team has released a General Distribution Release (GDR) to resolve an issue encountered when publishing to SQL Azure. In some cases, customers have reported a “SQLServer version not supported” exception when publishing a database to SQL Azure. This is due to a recent SQL Azure server upgrade which caused the version incompatibility. The… Read more

New Video– How Do I: Deploy a LightSwitch Application to Azure? (Beth Massi)

Check it out, we just released a new “How Do I” video on the Developer Center that shows you how to deploy your Visual Studio LightSwitch application to the Azure cloud.  #13 – How Do I: Deploy a LightSwitch Application to Azure? This is a new video in the 13-part “How Do I” video series… Read more

Step-by-Step: How to Publish to Windows Azure (Andy Kung)

UPDATE: These steps have been simplified with the release of Visual Studio 2012. Please see: Publishing LightSwitch Apps to Azure with Visual Studio 2012 ————————– One of the many features introduced in Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2 is the ability to publish your app directly to Windows Azure with storage in SQL Azure. We have… Read more