Promises in LightSwitch (Justin Anderson)

In previous posts, we’ve mentioned that the HTML client runtime uses promises to perform asynchronous execution. In this post, we’ll briefly explain what a promise is and show you where promises are provided in your LightSwitch application to allow you to asynchronously react to state changes in the application. What Is A Promise? A promise… Read more

Dashboard Reports with LightSwitch, WebAPI and ServerApplicationContext– Part Deux (Steve Lasker)

Overview With a little homage to Hot Shots Part Deux we’ll drill in a bit deeper utilizing the ServerApplicationContext for creating Dashboard reports. Part 1 is here: Create Dashboard Reports with LightSwitch, WebAPI and ServerApplicationContext LightSwitch Productivity/Extendability disclaimer: As with Part 1, this isn’t the normal point & click RAD productivity you’ve likely become used… Read more

Create Dashboard Reports with LightSwitch, WebAPI and ServerApplicationContext (Steve Lasker)

Overview Applications are creating and consuming more data than ever before. With so much data, how can your users quickly spot trends and get an overview of what’s important? Just as your car presents a dashboard indicating the top priority items, so can your application. Matt introduced the ServerApplicationContext in his blog post. This article… Read more

Using the LightSwitch ServerApplicationContext API (Matt Evans)

The ServerApplicationContext API is a new feature in LightSwitch, available with Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 or later, which allows you to create entirely new ways to call custom business logic on the LightSwitch Server, using the same rich API you’re used to working with on the server tier. We previewed this API in the… Read more

A New User Experience (Heinrich Wendel)

After releasing the preview of our HTML Client to a broader audience, it became pretty clear from your feedback that we had to work on the user experience of LightSwitch HTML applications. While not everybody is an expert in user experience design, it is the core of any modern application and a driving factor for… Read more

A New API for LightSwitch Server Interaction: The ServerApplicationContext (Joe Binder)

Although the team has focused on building the LightSwitch HTML client and SharePoint 2013 applications recently, supporting existing scenarios remains a top priority. We’ve tried to balance our new investments with solutions to roadblocks and pain points in Visual Studio 2012 that we’ve heard consistently through the forums and through direct customer chats. Some of… Read more

New LightSwitch HTML Client APIs (Stephen Provine)

Following the recent announcement of the LightSwitch HTML Client Preview 2, we are excited to introduce a set of additional APIs that allow further control over the behavior and capabilities of a LightSwitch HTML-based application. You can download Preview 2 from the Developer Center. The APIs we included as part of the June Preview primarily… Read more