Tips on Upgrading Your LightSwitch Applications to Visual Studio 11 Beta (Beth Massi)

We’ve seen some questions in the forum about upgrading your current Visual Studio LightSwitch applications (LightSwitch V1) to Visual Studio 11 Beta (LightSwitch V2) so I thought I’d post some quick tips here on how to make the upgrade process a smooth as possible. After you install Visual Studio 11 Beta: 1. Install any extensions… Read more

Diagnosing Problems in a Deployed 3-Tier LightSwitch Application (Eric Erhardt)

There are a number of times when a LightSwitch application works perfectly on a developer’s machine, but as soon as it has been deployed to an Internet Information Services (IIS) machine, it no longer works.  Problems can range from IIS not being configured correctly to the database connection string being incorrect.  Or an assembly might… Read more

Silverlight Update Available – Fixes LightSwitch Beta 1 Incompatibility with Silverlight 4 Projects

The Silverlight Team just released an update to Silverlight 4 (4.0.50826.0) which will fix incompatibilities with building and deploying Silverlight projects built on a developer machine that also has LightSwitch Beta 1 installed (SL version 4.0.50630.0). This will also mean that you can now test deploying a LightSwitch Beta 1 application to another machine. Existing… Read more