Team Development Series – Part 4: Testing the LightSwitch Application (Saar Shen)

Using Visual Studio 2013, we can create automated test projects like a Coded UI Test or aWeb Performance and Load Test to test LightSwitch Applications. A Coded UI Test is used for creating automated tests for the UI. A Web Performance and Load Test is used for creating performance and load tests for the server…. Read more

Use Caching to Turbo-Boost your LightSwitch Apps (Saar Shen)

Making use of a cache to “turbo-boost” the retrieval and presentation of read-only data is a common need in data-based applications. In this post, I’ll walk you through how to speed up your LightSwitch application by using cached data. This is particularly useful for screens that use read-only reference data or data that is not… Read more

Team Development Series–Part 3: Leveraging Team Build in LightSwitch (Saar Shen)

What is Team Build? Team build lets you create and manage build processes that automatically analyze, compile and test your applications. Refer to the MSDN topic Build the application for more details on setting up team builds with Team Foundation Service (TFS) and Visual Studio. With LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2013 Preview, we’ve made it a lot… Read more