Get Started with LightSwitch: The “Beginning LightSwitch” Article Series (Beth Massi)

For the month of December I’ve been writing a series of articles aimed at the beginner developer getting up to speed with Visual Studio LightSwitch. Even though there’s a ton of information out there on building LightSwitch applications (especially on the LightSwitch Developer Center), I wanted to pull together a cohesive set of entry-level articles… Read more

Creating a Custom Login Page (Matt Thalman)

Would you like a more customized login experience for the users of your LightSwitch application?  Perhaps the company logo needs to be prominently displayed or the company colors used as a theme?  Check out Matt Thalman’s new blog post featuring a step-by-step guide for creating a custom login page. Read: Creating a Custom Login Page for a LightSwitch… Read more

LightSwitch Video Training from Pluralsight!

Pluralsight provides a variety of developer training on all sorts of topics and they have generously donated some LightSwitch training for our LightSwitch Developer Center! Just head on over the the LightSwitch “How Do I” video page and on the right you’ll see three video modules with over an hour and a half of free… Read more

MSDN Magazine: Deploying LightSwitch Applications to Windows Azure (Mike Wade)

Check it out, the November issue of MSDN Magazine is online and our very own Mike Wade has an article about deploying LightSwitch apps to Azure. In this article Mike Wade shows how to deploy an application built using Visual Studio LightSwitch to Windows Azure, which eliminates the need to dedicate resources to infrastructure management…. Read more

“LightSwitch Star” Contest on The Code Project

Check it out, The Code Project has created a LightSwitch developer contest!  Do you have what it takes to be a LightSwitch Star? Show us your coolest, most productive, LightSwitch business application and you could win a Laptop and other cool prizes! Prizes will be issued monthly for two categories: Most Efficient Business Application and… Read more

Video: How Do I Handle Database Concurrency Issues? (Beth Massi)

Check it out, we released a new “How Do I” video on the LightSwitch Developer Center: How Do I: Handle Database Concurrency Issues? In a multi-user environment, when two users pull up the same record from the database and modify it, when the second user saves the data it raises a data conflict because the… Read more

How Do I: Create Custom Search Screens in LightSwitch? (Beth Massi)

Check it out! We just released a new How Do I video on the LightSwitch Developer Center. I created this one based on suggestions from you so I hope you like it! How Do I: Create Custom Search Screens in LightSwitch? In this video you will learn a couple techniques you can use when creating… Read more

How to Create a RIA Service Wrapper for an Editable OData Source

Introduction LightSwitch has built-in support for SQL Server and SharePoint data sources. To access other data sources, you can write a custom WCF RIA DomainService. This post will show you how to read and write from an Odata Service by wrapping access to it in a DomainService. There are a couple limitations on the OData… Read more

Metro Theme Updated!

Back in August we released a theme called “Metro” that gives you a more modern look to your applications with simple colors and more emphasis on text. You can see some screen-shots here. Today we released an update that addresses some issues found by the community, most notably: Fixed issues where you cannot use commands… Read more

MSDN Magazine: Securing Access to LightSwitch Applications

Let’s face it: Implementing application security can be daunting. Luckily, Visual Studio LightSwitch makes it easy to manage permissions-based access control in line-of-business (LOB) applications, allowing you to build applications with access-control logic to meet the specific needs of your business. In this month’s issue of MSDN Magazine we’ve got a feature article on LightSwitch… Read more