LightSwitch Community and Content Rollup – April 2014

Two Beths for the Price of One

This month’s content rollup is not written by the fabulous Beth Massi, but instead being written by a different Beth. Hi, I’m Elizabeth Maher. You’ve probably seen me around in the forums and team blog. Wondering how to tell us apart? I prefer Elizabeth, or Liz, if you must call me by a nickname.

I have been working with Beth Massi to plan the content for the LightSwitch Team Blog for the past couple of months and will be continue to coordinate and plan upcoming topics. Don’t worry, Beth will still be very much involved in the LightSwitch community via all the usual channels, including her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and speaking at events. You really are getting two Beths for the price of one.

Do you have an idea for an blog article that you want to share? Feel free to post the idea on the LightSwitch Facebook page, send a tweet to @VSLightSwitch or send me an email directly. My email username is ‘Elizabeth.Maher’. I’m sure you can figure out the rest (hint:

Notable Events


April started off with a bang; //build/ was April 2-4.  Among the many great sessions at //build/, one was presented by Beth Massi.  Beth spoke in the Office & SharePoint developer track. Her session focused on how you could customize both the client and services. This was included in last month’s rollup, but in case you missed it watch Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps

You can also watch all the //build/ sessions on Channel9.

CODE Magazine May/June 2014 Issue: Building Office 365 Business Apps

Beth Massi wrote an article for CODE Magazine this month.  Read and find out how to create a survey application by modelling data from many sources, designing the screens, customizing with code and publishing to SharePoint 2013. 

Read: Building Office 365 Business Apps

Notable Content

Did I miss anything significant? Post a comment below!

Extensions & packages released this month

There are many great controls available at Visual Studio Extensions Gallery (there are over 100!) and NuGet packages for LightSwitch.


Visual Studio Samples Gallery has over 100 samples to explore. Thanks to Paul Van Bladel for creating the latest LightSwitch related sample.

Team Posts 

Community Rock Star Articles

Thanks everyone for your awesome contributions in April!

Forum Answerers

Thanks to all our LightSwitch forums contributors! Xpert360’s Dave Baker, once again, tops the contributors list for this month. Thank you, everyone, for helping make the LightSwitch community a better place. It’s selfless dedication like this that makes our community rock.


Keep up the great work guys!

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-Elizabeth Maher, Senior SDET, Visual Studio LightSwitch Team