Interacting with Content Items on the Screen with the LightSwitch API (Kevin Mehlhaff)

A LightSwitch application at its core is built by adding data to screens and creating a tree of content items to display and interact with this data. LightSwitch provides a JavaScript API over these content items so that you can interact with them programmatically. What is a Content Item? If you open a screen designer… Read more

A Tour of the LightSwitch HTML Client APIs (Elizabeth Maher)

LightSwitch generates a custom API set based on project assets that developers can use when writing custom code in the HTML client. Each data source, table, query and screen causes various items to be created in the API. Even actions on each of the LightSwitch designers can have affect. This article will enumerate what actions… Read more

Promises in LightSwitch (Justin Anderson)

In previous posts, we’ve mentioned that the HTML client runtime uses promises to perform asynchronous execution. In this post, we’ll briefly explain what a promise is and show you where promises are provided in your LightSwitch application to allow you to asynchronously react to state changes in the application. What Is A Promise? A promise… Read more