Enhancing LightSwitch Controls with jQuery Mobile (Michael Zlatkovsky)

UPDATED on AUGUST 1, 2013 based on Visual Studio 2012 and Update 3. One of my favorite things about the LightSwitch HTML Client is how easy it is to create forms over data the “LightSwitch way”, and then jump straight into HTML for a bit of custom tweaking.  Because the HTML Client makes use of… Read more

The Cosmopolitan shell and theme source code is released!

We’ve released the source code for the Cosmopolitan shell and theme, allowing you use the default LightSwitch 2012 shell and theme as starting points for your own custom shells and themes. You can download the source here. Custom LightSwitch shells and themes are topics that crop up commonly on customer visits and in the forums,… Read more

Custom Controls and Data Binding in the LightSwitch HTML Client (Joe Binder)

Custom JavaScript controls allow you to create user experiences that are tailored to specific use cases and business needs. Given the wealth of code samples, control frameworks, and partner control offerings available today, we wanted to ensure that existing controls could be used as-is within the LightSwitch HTML client. Having heard some great feedback through… Read more