New Office Integration Pack Extension Released to CodePlex

If you haven’t noticed, Grid Logic has been working on a new version of the Office Integration Pack and has opened up source code for community contributions on CodePlex!


Released last year, the Office Integration Pack is a LightSwitch extension that makes it easy to manipulate the 2010 versions of Excel, Word and Outlook in a variety of ways common in desktop business applications. You can create documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, email and appointments using data from your LightSwitch applications. With the release to CodePlex they “are actively developing new features and welcome the community to help!” (see their website).

This new version expands upon the export APIs so that you can export any collection to Excel or Word. Collections can come from queries on your screens, or queries executed directly against the DataWorkspace. They can even be in-memory collections or LINQ queries and projections. They also have added the ability to format data as it is being exported.

Visit the Downloads tab to download the Office Integration Pack Extension and the Sample App. Visit the Documentation tab for an explanation on how to use the APIs. And if you have questions or issues please visit their CodePlex site and click on the Discussions or Issue Tracker tabs.

Thank you Grid Logic!

Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community