LightSwitch Cosmopolitan Shell and Theme for Visual Studio 11 Beta Released

We’ve just released the beta version of the LightSwitch Cosmopolitan Shell and Theme extension for VS11 Beta on VS Gallery!

We took your feedback and drew inspiration from the Silverlight Cosmopolitan theme in designing the extension. The shell and theme provides a modern UI to achieve a more immersive feel, simple and clean styling for the controls, as well as many other improvements:

  • Branding. The shell now displays your corporate logo (provided as part of your LightSwitch project) at the top of the application.
  • Navigation menu. Similar to many web-style applications, the navigation menu is now at the top of the application. When you click on a menu item, a dropdown will appear with a list of screens. This frees up more screen real estate to be devoted to the active screen, providing a more immersive experience for the users of your applications.
  • Command bar. We moved the screen command bar to the bottom of the application. This provides a better visual association between the commands and the screen.
  • List/Grid. We optimized the UI and removed clutter in the List and Grid.


The team plans to make it as the default shell and theme when we ship VS11 (you still have the option to use the existing Office-style shell and theme). We also plan to release the extension source code for the new shell and theme to the community at that time.

We’d love to hear your feedback! Please give it a try and help us improve the extension in preparation to shipping VS11!


LightSwitch Team