Creating and Consuming LightSwitch OData Services (Beth Massi)

In the next version of LightSwitch, we’ve added support for OData services, both consuming external services as well as producing services from the LightSwitch middle-tier. The Open Data Protocol (OData) standardizes the way we communicate with data services over the web. Many enterprises today use OData as a means to exchange data between systems, partners, as well as provide an easy access into their data stores. So it makes perfect sense that LightSwitch, which centers around data, also should work with data services via OData. Since OData is a standard protocol, it also means that other clients can access the data you create through LightSwitch.

In my last post on OData in LightSwitch I showed you how we could use external OData services to enhance our LightSwitch applications. I’ve written a post on my blog that shows you how to consume OData services that LightSwitch exposes.

Read: Creating and Consuming LightSwitch OData Services

Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community