Enhance Your LightSwitch Applications with OData (Beth Massi)

As John announced Wednesday, the next version of Visual Studio will include LightSwitch right in the box and there are a lot of awesome new features. My personal favorite is the Open Data Protocol (OData) services support. LightSwitch can now consume as well as produce OData services from it’s middle-tier. This means that applications you create with LightSwitch will automatically expose data as open services which allows a multitude of clients easy, secure access into your data. It also means that you will be able to consume data services from within LightSwitch in order to enhance the capabilities of your applications.

I’ve written a post on my blog that shows you how you can take advantage of using OData in your LightSwitch applications. Check it out:

Read: Enhance Your LightSwitch Applications with OData

Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community