Many-to-Many Control Released!

A common request that the LightSwitch team receives is to provide a control to deal with many-to-many relationships (ex. the relationship between Categories and Blog Posts).  One of the more common ways to deal with this is by displaying a list of checkboxes or a tree of checkboxes.  We’ve just released it an extension that provides this functionality.   Here’s a quick list of the extension’s functionality:

  • Display a list of checkboxes when the control is selected for a many-to-many relationship mapping table
  • If the entity that represents the choices (ex. Category) is self-referential, a tree of checkboxes is instead displayed
  • Developers can customize the query used to provide the set of options displayed in the control

You can download the extension and find instructions on how to use it here:

Many to Many Control for Visual Studio LightSwitch