LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup–September (Beth Massi)

Now that the Visual Studio LightSwitch community is really growing I thought I’d start posting some of the cool articles, videos, samples and extensions I find each month. First off, here are the LightSwitch team “hangouts” where you can get training, ask questions, and interact with the LightSwitch team. The biggest one of course is:


LightSwitch Developer Center

This is your one-stop-shop to training content, samples, extensions, documentation, podcasts, a portal to the forums, community, and much more. All of the team content is aggregated onto this site, and we also aggregate all the community submitted extensions and samples. It’s the first place you should go if you’re just learning LightSwitch. Also here are some other biggies:

LightSwitch MSDN Forums
LightSwitch Team Blog
LightSwitch on Facebook
LightSwitch on Twitter (@VSLightSwitch, #VisualStudio #LightSwitch)


Check out the rest of the community sites and list of awesome content for this month on my blog.

Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community