Visual Studio LightSwitch Technical White Paper Series

Andrew Brust from Blue Badge Insights has just published a great series of whitepapers on Visual Studio LightSwitch aimed at educating you on what LightSwitch is and what it can do for you. Check out the PDFs below.

What is LightSwitch?
This is the first in a series of white papers about Microsoft® Visual Studio® LightSwitch™ 2011, Microsoft’s new streamlined development environment for designing data-centric business applications. We’ll provide an overview of the product that includes analysis of the market need it meets, examination of the way it meets that need relative to comparable products in the software industry, concrete examples of how it works, and discussion of why it’s so important.

Quickly Build Business Apps
In this paper we’ll walk through the development of a sample LightSwitch application and experience a wide range of LightSwitch techniques and features as we present configuration examples, illustrating screenshots, and code listings.

Get More from Your Data
In this paper we’ll explore how to access external data sources, LightSwitch’s data capabilities, and advanced data access and querying techniques.

Wow Your End Users
In this paper we’ll explore the finer points of LightSwitch user interface design, including menus and navigation, screen templates, search, export, and application deployment.

Make Your Apps Do More with Less Work
In this paper, we discuss using LightSwitch extensions to bring extra features, connectivity, and UI sophistication to your applications.

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Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community