LightSwitch Beta 2 Extensibility “Cookbook”

UPDATE 7/27/2011 – The Beta 2 Cookbook is now out of date as we have released RTM. Please see Extending LightSwitch on the Developer Center for documentation and samples on using the LightSwitch Extensibility Toolkit.


One of the big features of LightSwitch is the ability for professional developers to write extensions to provide even more capabilities for the LightSwitch developer than what they get out of the box. A way to think of them is like add-ons. Extensions can be used to interact with the user directly, or to do some work behind the user interface such as data access. In LightSwitch there are 6 extension points: Controls,  Screen Templates, Business Types, Themes, Shells and Custom Data Sources.

We’d like to release a draft of a document that is designed to educate you on what extensibility is available for the LightSwitch product, and to illustrate the various extensions types that can provide entry points into extending a LightSwitch application. The document also contains “recipes” for creating the various extension types so you can get started building extensions for the LightSwitch community.

To build LightSwitch Extensions you will need to have Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2, Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Professional or higher and the Visual Studio SDK. In addition to the cookbook we are also providing a blank extension solution to help you get started:

Download the LightSwitch Extensions Cookbook: .Word doc or PDF

Download the Blank Extension Solution:

We want your feedback! Please add a comment below and let us know how we can improve the cookbook and the extensibility experience.

-The LightSwitch Team