LightSwitch Beta 1 is incompatible with Visual Studio 2010 SP1

We want to inform you that if you’re working with the LightSwitch Beta 1, do not install the Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) as these releases are not compatible. If you want to install LightSwitch Beta 1 into Visual Studio 2010 Pro or Ultimate versions please be aware that LightSwitch Beta 1 will only work with Visual Studio 2010 RTM (released version).  If you just install LightSwitch Beta 1 please do not install Visual Studio 2010 SP1 after that.

Here are the symptoms of what will happen if you install LightSwitch Beta1 and VS2010 SP1 on the same machine (install sequence does not matter):

  • No errors are encountered at setup for either LightSwitch Beta1 or VS2010 SP1
  • You will hit the following error at F5/Build for a C# or VB LightSwitch project (reported in the Error List tool window). 

An exception occurred when building the database for the application. Method not found: ‘Void Microsoft.Data.Schema.Sql.SchemaModel.ISqlSimpleColumn.set_IsIdentity(Boolean)’.

If you’ve already installed SP1 then to remove it, go to your Add/Remove Programs and uninstall it there. If you are still having problems, perform a Repair on LightSwitch Beta 1 and you should be up and running again. We will be addressing this issue very soon so please stay tuned for more information here on the blog.