How to Email Appointments from a LightSwitch Application (Beth Massi)

I’ve written a couple How-To posts recently on my blog that show a couple different ways you can send meeting requests and appointments from a LightSwitch application. The first technique automates Outlook via COM from the client-side from a button on a screen. Use this solution if users have Outlook installed and you want to allow them to interact with the appointment before it is sent:

How To Create Outlook Appointments from a LightSwitch Application

The second technique shows how to send appointments from the server-side business rules. When appointment data is inserted, updated, or deleted from the data store you can have LightSwitch send new requests, updates and cancelled appointments automatically using SMTP. This solution uses a standard message format that most email clients, including Outlook, can read. Use this solution if you want to send out automated meeting requests when appointment data in your system changes and/or you need to support multiple email clients:

How to Send Automated Appointments from a LightSwitch Application

Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community