Using Both Remote and Local Data in a LightSwitch Application (Robert Green)

Hi. I’m Robert Green. You may remember me from such past careers as Developer Tools Product Manager/Visual Basic Program Manager at Microsoft and Sr. Consultant at MCW Technologies. After five and half years on “the other side” at MCW, I have returned to Microsoft. I am now a Technical Evangelist in the Developer Platform and Evangelism (DPE) group. I am focused on Visual Studio, including LightSwitch and the next version of Visual Studio. I am very happy to be back and very excited to be working with LightSwitch. This product is cooler and more powerful than many people realize and over the coming months, I will do my best to prove that assertion. Starting right now.

The first post in my blog (Adventures in DeveloperLand) is up now. In it I show how to build a LightSwitch application that uses both remote and local data. This will be a typical scenario. You build an application that works with existing data in a SQL Server database, and now you want to add additional data, in this case customer visits and notes. You can’t add new tables or columns to the existing database. Instead you can use local tables and accomplish the same thing.

Check it out and let me know what you think: Using Both Remote and Local Data in a LightSwitch Application

Robert Green, Technical Evangelist