LightSwitch “How Do I” Videos on the Developer Center (Beth Massi)

If you haven’t been checking the Learn section of the LightSwitch Developer Center you’re missing out on a great series of step-by-step videos that show how to build applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch. The “How Do I” videos are short 5-15 minute lessons that walk you through a variety of topics as we build a sample application for order entry. Check them out:

We’ve also added a couple new features to the video pages which allow you to rate the video (5 stars being the best) as well as a related videos section so you can see the most watched videos in the series. I still recommend you watch them in order because the videos build upon each other.

I’ll be working on more so check the Learn section of the LightSwitch Developer Center. Next ones I’m working on will be on Security and Deployment so stay tuned.

Beth Massi, Visual Studio Community