How to Programmatically Control LightSwitch UI (Andy Kung)

Note: This article has been updated for Beta 2 on 3/17/2011 LightSwitch, by default, intelligently generates UI based on the shape of an entity. For example, adding an Employee entity to a screen might generate a TextBox for Employee.Name, a DatePicker for Employee.Birthdate, an Auto-Complete Box for Employee.Gender, etc. Some screens, however, require UI that… Read more

How to Create a Many-to-Many Relationship (Andy Kung)

Note: This article has been updated for Beta 2 on 3/17/2011 Many business applications require many-to-many relationships. For example, an author can write many books, and a book can be written by many authors. To model this relationship in LightSwitch, you need to create a mapping table for the 2 objects (e.g. AuthorToBook mapping table… Read more

The Anatomy of a LightSwitch Application Part 4 – Data Access and Storage

In prior posts I’ve covered the LightSwitch presentation tier and the logic tier. The presentation tier is primarily responsible for human interaction with the application using data from a LightSwitch logic tier. The logic tier comprises one or more LightSwitch data services whose primary job is to process client requests to read and write data… Read more

TechEd Europe Presentation on Building Business Apps with LightSwitch

Drew Robbins, Technical Evangelist here at Microsoft, gave a great presentation at TechEd Europe earlier this month on LightSwitch that you can now watch on-demand. Check it out! Watch Building Business Applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch Download the Slides You can watch all the TechEd presentations online for free at… Read more

How to Create a Screen with Multiple Search Parameters in LightSwitch (Beth Massi)

A couple weeks ago I posted about how to create a custom search screen where you could specify exactly what field to search on. I also talked about some of the search options you can set on entities themselves. If you missed it: Creating a Custom Search Screen in Visual Studio LightSwitch. Since then a… Read more

How to Communicate Across LightSwitch Screens (Sheel Shah)

One of the more common scenarios that we’ve encountered in business applications are data creation screens that involve related data. For example, an end user may be creating a new order record that requires the selection of a customer. In LightSwitch, this involves using a modal picker control. If this customer does not yet exist,… Read more

How to use lookup tables with parameterized queries (Karol Zadora-Przylecki)

Suppose you have two tables participating in a 1:many relationship, like Regions and Territories from the Northwind sample database: Region Column Name Type RegionID integer RegionDescription string Territory Column Name Type TerritoryID integer TerritoryDescription string RegionID integer The task is to build a screen that lets the user select a Region from a drop-down list… Read more

How to Create a Custom Search Screen (Beth Massi)

While I was on my speaking trip in Europe a couple folks asked me how they could create their own search screen instead of using the built-in search functionality that LightSwitch provides. Basically they wanted the search to come up blank until a user entered specific search criteria and they only wanted to search on… Read more

LightSwitch Team Interviews, Podcasts & Videos

Have a long commute to work or want something to watch on your lunch break? Catch the team in these audio and video interviews! Podcasts – CodeCast Episode 88: LightSwitch for .NET Developers with Jay Schmelzer MSDN Radio: Visual Studio LightSwitch with John Stallo and Jay Schmelzer MSDN Radio: Switching the Lights on with Beth… Read more

How to create a RIA service wrapper for OData Source

NOTE: LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 now supports OData natively. See LightSwitch Architecture: OData Introduction There has been a lot of discussion of whether there is OData support in Visual Studio LightSwitch. The answer is both Yes and No. No, there is no Native support for OData in version 1 of Visual Studio LightSwitch, but… Read more