Can’t Update Visual Studio 2013 Extensions for the Windows Library for JavaScript

WinJS shipped a new update at Apr 3rd, which we could download via, also we could see this update notification in Visual Studio.

But the first time I updated this extension, I still get the update notification and can’t see new project templates under JavaScript section as below:



After some search, I finally get the solution from VS2013 keep saying Windows Library for Javascript needs updating (1.0.9651.40228). And I followed IanG’s solution :

1) used the PowerShell MSI tools at and ran this command:

get-msiproductinfo | where { $_.Name -like '*Windows Library for JavaScript*' }

The result reported two different IDs for the 1.0.9202.20789 version, as well as the 2.1 version:

{D5FEB7A1-5D0F-4CDC-8290-F52DFB53AF23} 1.0.9202.20789     Visual Studio Extensions for Windows Library for JavaScript
{7CB4CF88-6C28-479F-BBD4-53065ACA4583} 2.1.30324.52        Visual Studio Extensions for Windows Library for JavaScript
{23F9C27A-E520-4C87-AF99-E5A7D021F24A} 1.0.9202.20789     Visual Studio Extensions for Windows Library for JavaScript

2) Run msiexec commend to remove the duplicated installation:

msiexec /x {23F9C27A-E520-4C87-AF99-E5A7D021F24A}

For the situation I met, Visual Studio still told me to install the WinJS extension, so I run msiexec again for the 2.1 version, and re-installed the update. Now every goes fine that the update notification is gone and new JavaScript templates show up:)

Hope this could help those who have the same problem.

- Jazzen

Comments (6)

  1. George Carlisle says:

    I had this error in VS2012 and I did something inside the VS to remove this. I think I deleted the reference inside and was able to update it but I can't find that same area in VS2013 now.

  2. George Carlisle says:

    I did this today and it works 🙂

  3. Martin says:

    It works perfect! Thanks.

  4. Steve McKinney says:

    Very helpful.  Thank you! 🙂

  5. Mike Robertson says:

    This worked well but I had to surround the product code GUID with double quotes

  6. pmbAustin says:

    This isn't working for me… when I try, I get a pop-up dialog that indicates that msiexec doesn't understand the command line (it's basically a "/usage" text dialog).  This is exactly my problem… I see the two duplicate installs, but it's not letting me uninstall.  


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