How to Write Blog from Word 2013

For that we all installed Office 365 in our business computers, blogging from Microsoft Word maybe a convenient way. The process is quite simple and if you seeing this blog that means I have just done that.


Step 1, New Post

Start Word 2013 and click on Blog Post from New file selection templates list. Then in the float menu, click Create.

Figure 1 - New Post


Step 2, Register an Account

Once clicking Create, in the next step you will be required to register your blog account. Click on Register
New and in the New
Blog Account dialog you will select Telligent Community as you Blog provider service and click on the Next.

Figure 2 - Register a Blog Account







Step 3, Create a New Third Party Application Password from MSDN Blog

Navigate to MSDN User Settings at Go down this page, then you will see Sign-In Information as the follow:

Figure 4 - Sign-In Information

Remember, the sign-in name here is the User Name which will be used in below. Now, we should click Change Password so that we can create a new third-party application password for loging in the blog from Word. Once click Create Password, we will be navigated to a new page as following. Then, in the new page, click Click here to recover it.

Figure 5 - Change Password


In the new page, fill our primary email address in the text box and click Recover Password.

Figure 6 - Recover Password

Waiting for less than 15 minutes, you will receive an email from MSDN Blog.

Figure 7 – Email

Click the link in the email and follow the steps to create a new password.

Step 4, New Telligent Community Account

Back to Microsoft Word, you will see New Telligent Community Account dialog.

In this dialog, fill as Blog Post URL, fill your Sign-In Name as User Name and fill the new third-party application password as Password. Optional, check Remember Password.

Figure 8 - New Telligent Community Account

Warning for security reasons it is highly recommended to use SSL on your blog site. SSL is the use of transport level encryption mechanism, in summary using HTTPS and not HTTP. Microsoft Word warns you about this potential risk.

Figure 9 – Warning

Step 5, Publish Blogs

Once the account is created, you will back to Microsoft Word. By saving blog it does not publish blog, you have to click on the Publish menu button from BLOG POST ribbon.


By Rocco Ren

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  1. Alun Jones says:

    What do you choose for Picture Options, so you can upload images in your posts?

  2. There are a lot of posts and sites out there with people saying that setting up Word 2013 to post to their MSDN blogs doesn't work.  All the instructions posted are of no help.  But THIS ONE works!  Yet when searching on the MSDN site or on Bing this blog post does not come up in any of the results. I don't know if its your tags or what but this article of yours needs to be made more readily available.

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