Deployment, the BioIT Alliance, and Social Networking

This is going to be an interesting week for this architect: 1. Hosting the first meeting of the Microsoft Pharmaceutical Deployment Users Group. 2. Hosting the first meeting of the BioIT Alliance The PDUG (Pharma Deployment Users Group) is focused on developing best practices for deploying Microsoft technology in the Life Sciences enterprise.  The first…


BioIT Alliance Conference – October 8 & 9

The BioIT Alliance Conference is rapidly approaching!  Aimed at members of the BioIT Alliance, but open to the general public, the conference is being held at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Campus in Cambridge, MA.  It will be held on the afternoon of Thursday, October 8, and the morning of Friday October, 9th….


News from MGX – Part 1

Many of you will be aware that the Microsoft Global eXchange (or MGX, or MGB) is happening this week.  This is the week when Microsoft-ies go off together to get trained on the “new stuff”, what we have to sell, how to use the new technologies, and what is coming. Some VERY cool stuff –…


More Directions on the BioIT Alliance

  After having been recently appointed as Director of the BioIT Alliance, I’ve been in the process of looking at what the Alliance does today and what it is capable of doing.  Given the number of companies involved, the possibilities are really very strong. So today we are today announcing a few things on the…


Post DIA Thoughts

In the style of Peter King from SI, here are a few things I think I think coming out of DIA: 1. I hadn’t noticed as many device manufacturers in previous years.  ePRO (e-Patient Reported Outcomes) is obvious – and expected – but there were a number of device manufacturers showing their devices for use…


Identity Management: a key to seamless CTMS and EDC

In my opinion, the largest hurdle to a comprehensive Clinical Trials system, whether you talk about EDC or about traditional CTMS, is identity management.  Think about it: You set up your EDC system, but how do you get your users enrolled? You create a CTMS, but how do you handle turnover at the clinical sites?…


CTMS & EDC: A system to do both – and more

Interesting how weeks become months when you’re writing and updating blogs.  This CTMS project certainly hasn’t gone away, but it did go on a bit of a hiatus while my "day job" intervened.  Enough excuses.  Mea Culpa.  On to the fun! As we discussed in the previous post, the key to a clinical trials management…