Innovation & Microsoft–Part 2

Innovative Life Sciences uses of the Microsoft Platform

Last time out I wrote about our Life Sciences Innovation Forum, which we will be looking to hold again next spring.  That forum discussed a wide variety of ways that Pharma, Biotech and MedDevice companies are (and can be) innovative – across their whole value chain.  Check out the agenda.

But there are – of course – more ways that Life Science companies are (and can be) innovative than can be presented in a forum.  And there are – of course – more ways that the Microsoft Platform is (and can be) used to drive innovation than can be discussed in a blog post.

So, starting this fall, we’re launching two weekly blog posts:

  • The first will focus on Innovative Solutions and will appear each Monday morning in this space. 
  • The second will focus on partners and customers, looking at partner solutions, case studies, and upcoming conferences all of which will highlight innovative and impactful implementations of the Microsoft Platform

As part of this, if you have or know about an innovative implementation of the Microsoft platform, I’d love to hear about it.  Simply e-mail me at

Innovation Management

The first Innovative Solution is (interestingly enough) Innovation Management.  It’s a question we’re asked frequently: how do you encourage, find, manage and implement innovation or innovative ideas?  Surprisingly (or maybe not so) the answer lies in the process of innovation. 

Microsoft has developed a business solution – which can be implemented by almost any industry – that helps companies implement a process for innovation.

Managing innovation – or rather the process of innovation – can be broken down into four steps, or what we refer to as the “4 E’s”:


The central theme of this solution is actually straightforward: create a process for innovation with involves and encourages EVERYONE in the organization to be innovative and implements the really innovative ideas.

It is a great theme and one that applies to each segment of the Life Sciences industry. 

Better yet, this solution is implemented using an architecture and software that the vast majority of pharma companies have already own and have implemented:

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Project Server

Where to get started?  Pretty simple: we have a number of whitepapers on the topic that start to drill into how this can be done in the life sciences industry:



An innovative approach to innovation management and appropriate for kicking off our series on innovation.

As stated above, if you have an innovative solution you’d like us to highlight, simply contact myself or someone on our Life Sciences team.  Here are a couple good e-mail addresses and other resources for you:

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