Innovation & Microsoft – Part 1

A lot is being made these days about the word “innovation”.  Every advertisement you see on TV purports their product to be “innovative” – and Microsoft is no different.

But what is innovation?  What does it mean to be innovative?  From my point-of-view it entails doing something different, something that no-one has thought of before.  Oh, and it has to be impactful!  The Patent Office is filled with things that were different (innovative?), but weren’t impactful – so they went no-where.

Next week in Princeton, NJ Microsoft will be the primary sponsor of an event focused on impactful innovation, areas in Life Sciences where companies have done new and novel things that are making a difference in the Life Sciences industry.  Ultimately, the conference is focused on innnovations that impact patient health!

Check out the agenda:

We have some great speakers lined up and there is still time to register:

I’ll be “Live Tweeting” about the conference all week (@ljrdn3) and will have a post-conference blog post as well.

See you there!


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