More Directions on the BioIT Alliance


After having been recently appointed as Director of the BioIT Alliance, I’ve been in the process of looking at what the Alliance does today and what it is capable of doing.  Given the number of companies involved, the possibilities are really very strong.

So today we are today announcing a few things on the BioIT Alliance website ( and the BioIT Alliance Blog (

1) The first formal meeting of the BioIT Alliance, to be held on October 8 and 9 at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge, MA.

2) A call for Presentations at the BioIT Alliance meeting

3) A call for nominations for two member-at-large positions on the newly formed Board of Directors

The intent of the meeting is to have where member companies come together, share best practices and discuss the shared vision of driving collaboration, integration and interoperability among organizations to shorten the time between the discovery of new biological data and its application to human health.

For presentations, we are particularly looking for:

  • Examples of collaboration and integration between member companies and technologies
  • Innovative new technologies or integration methodologies that advance the mission of the BioIT Alliance.

To submit an abstract or nomination, please send them to:

For nominations, we have been forming an initial board of directors, appointed by Microsoft for now, with an additional two member-at-large positions to be chosen by the BioIT Alliance at the October meeting.

To nominate someone for the Board of Directors, simply send an e-mail to

We’re really excited about the possibilities of the BioIT Alliance and look forward to seeing everyone in October!

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