Microsoft and DIA 2008 – Part II – Exciting Partner Technologies

One of the cool parts of working for a large software platform vendor like Microsoft is working with the larger ecosystem of partners that are developing applications on the Microsoft platform.

In particular, as we approach DIA each year, I am faced with a conundrum of “who to invite” to present with us in the Microsoft booth.  The fun part, of course, is evaluating all the new technologies that will be announced at DIA.  The not so fun part is having to help choose which ones to share booth space!

So over the last couple months, we’ve spent a fair amount of time looking at new technologies, some of which are in our DIA booth, most of which are not (simply due to lack of space!)

I’ve gotten demos from some excellent technologies:

  • NextDocs – which provides document, quality and compliance management software for Life Science companies
  • FirstPoint from FCG, who are taking many of the features from their popular FirstDoc application and moving them to SharePoint.
  • Transenda – which has some VERY intriguing technologies for clinical trials based on Office 2007 and SharePoint
  • Intrasphere – with it’s PharmaCM product that provides Submissions Management and Authoring on the Office 2007 and SharePoint platforms.
  • In.Vision Research – releasing XPressAuthor for Office 2007, which takes their popular XPressAuthor application and moves it to Office 2007 and SharePoint.

Just a smattering of the applications I’ve seen of late, and some of the ones you’ll see in the Microsoft booth at DIA.

See you in Boston!

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