FCG Announces FirstPoint

There were a couple of news worthy events that were announced today.  The first is that First Consulting Group has purchased Zorch, Inc.  Why is this exciting?

Zorch has developed a Metadata driven submission management system built entirely on SharePoint. 

FCG is now in the business of providing Microsoft based regulated document management systems, based on Sharepoint and Office.  The resulting product is called FirstPoint, and I believe will revolutionize the way that companies handle regulated documents and electronic submissions to FDA and European agencies.

From an architectural point of view, what makes this product different?  It is based on open standards and open architectures.  It makes heavy use of Web Services, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and OpenXML, with the resulting output being an eCTD (which is an XML file, after all).

How does this impact your IT architecture:

  • SOA and Web Service based makes it easier to integrate into your environment.  Essentially this is another proof point for the Connected Life Sciences Framework.
  • Word authoring interface lowers training costs by keeping your users working in a product they already know and use.
  • SharePoint as the underlying architecture means that it takes advantage of a platform that your company may already own.

It’s exciting to see the continued industry adoption of the Office platform through Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Office 2007.

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