Connected Life Sciences Framework

By now the reader of this blog has probably read the corresponding blog from Roberto Ruggeri in the Microsoft Health team, and has probably read about the Connected Health Framework.

Of course, you have to be asking yourself, what does the Connected Health Framework (CHF) have to do with Life Sciences?  If you look at the basic underpinnings of CHF, you realize that it is vertical specific implementation of Microsoft’s SOA strategy.  And if you think of it long enough, you can see how CHF certainly applies to Life Sciences as well.

So along those lines, we’ve been working on a Life Sciences implementation of CHF called, appropriately enough, the Connected Life Sciences Framework. 


The Connected Life Sciences Framework (CLSF) is simply a more detailed iteration of the Life Sciences Industry Architecture white paper that Microsoft released a couple years ago.  Over the summer you will see the fruits of our labors and the resulting CLSF white paper.  Of course, the PowerPoint comes first – thus the slide above.

Now, the reason I raise the topic at all is a meeting I had yesterday with a large pharmaceutical customer and a software vendor they are evaluating.  As the meeting progressed and we got deeper into the details of their architecture, it became clear that guidance along the lines of the slide you see above was necessary.  What really hammered it home was when the pharma customer showed the SOA architecture they were pursuing – and it was almost a mirror image of the CLSF/CHF.  I shared the above slide (and more detailed slides, of course) with the partner and we all agreed that this was a common sense approach to the problem.

And that is one of the core purposes of the Connected Life Sciences Framework: to give our customers and partners guidance on patterns and practices for implementing technology that truly works together, regardless of the vendor.  As I’ve said in many presentation “Microsoft wants to play nice in the sandbox”.  The only way to do that is through open standards and open architectures.  CLSF is a real-world approach to SOA that takes those concepts to heart.

So – as we continue developing the Connected Life Sciences Framework – I encourage you to read and comment on the Connected Health Framework.  Send any comments to me directly as well, as those comments will influence the final form of the Life Sciences Framework as well.

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  1. Narasimha says:

    Could you please confirm if CLSF has been released? (I was trying to locate it through Google search, but could not do so).

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