Changes to the Home Use Program

As of June 1st, 2009, the Home Use Program (HUP), a Software Assurance benefit available through Microsoft’s Volume Licensing programs, has changed the end user fulfillment process. The Benefit now offers an online purchase and digital distribution method of product procurement.

Please note that digital distribution is only available for individual/one-off orders. If your customers are looking to bulk order HUP software on behalf of their employees they will have to use the existing process until September 14, 2009 at which time a digital bulk order option will be made available. You can place a bulk order by calling the MVLS Support line: 866.230.0560

Here’s some official jargon and a link to the Home Use Program website:

“Microsoft would like to announce that software for the Home Use Program will soon be available to download at a reduced price. Starting June 1, 2009 your employees can download and install Microsoft Office software at home and still have the option to order a back-up DVD. At this time we will also introduce a new look, but the link ( and purchase process will stay the same.”

You can also find additional program information here:

Home Use Program FAQ:

Software Support:

*** Be sure to take advantage of the following tools to see if your customers are eligible for the Home Use Program and any other SA Benefits:

Software Assurance Benefits Calculator -

Software Assurance Benefits Chart -

Happy Selling

Krzysztof Sokolowski

Partner Licensing Manager

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