Apps for SharePoint 2013 code samples

Yesterday Jim Crowley blogged about some of the code samples we have for Apps for SharePoint. But wait a minute; you do know what apps for SharePoint are right? Well, if you don’t, take 5 minutes to watch these videos or read this introductory post and you’ll have a pretty good idea. I had the…


Accessing CRM forms from Silverlight Web Resources

CRM 2011 allows developers to natively use Silverlight applications to extend the user experience. One of the main use cases for Silverlight apps is to embed them into CRM forms to provide extended controls or visualizations.  While natural for experienced Silverlight developers, CRM developers might get a bit puzzled at first on how to talk…


New CRM Developer Tools: Advanced Developer Extensions

New Developer Tools: Advanced Developer Extensions Fancy doing LINQ queries against Dynamics CRM4?  Want to have a super easy data driven programming experience? Well, guess what? That and much more is included in the latest SDK absolutely free; no need to pay a third party, just download and start playing with it (look for Advanced…


Check out the new look of the CRM dev center!

New look, new content… the CRM dev center rocks! Feedback welcome, happy to pass that along to our documentation team 🙂


Dynamics CRM Incubation Week…. Success!

As Paul Greenberg describes on his blog, the incubation week that Microsoft organized was a complete success for both, entrepreneurs and Dynamics CRM as a platform J In just 5 days, participants were able to build applications using the CRM platform. Some of them had little to none experience with the product itself and were…


Rolling at the PDC

Yeah Baby!  I just finished my PDC session a couple of hours ago; it went pretty well overall and participants were really excited about all the things that we are doing for CRM4 (CRM accelerators), the possibilities that cloud services (Windows Azure, .Net Services etc.) bring to the table and, of course, all the new…