Privacy and Security: An Open Letter from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

I find very curious and yet logical the path that facebook is following…  I still feel bugged about their ACLs: friends, friends of your friends and everyone… the problem is with the middle one, “friends of your friends” what does that really mean and why would someone ever chose to use it?  Can I really…


And I won!!!

Yes!… I was actually the winner of the contest to guess how many CRM Online trials we would get in November.  I’m sure someone from our marketing team will publish the actual numbers but I can definitively tell you that we got a terrific response, thank you!  As promised, lets talk a bit a bout…


Come on, a bit more trials for CRM Online!

Turns out my high end guess for the number of CRM Online trials in November was not far fetched at all!  The launch of CRM Online November update has surpassed the expectations of many and is about to make me the winner of the guessing contest 🙂  All I need is a little bit more…


xRM at the PDC!

Oh yes; next week you will be able to see firsthand some of the coolest enhancements that we’ve done to the xRM platform. Andy, Barry and Nikhil will be presenting 3 sessions at the Professional Developers Conference. All of them highly recommendable: ·         Developing xRM Solutions Using Windows Azure.  Come learn how Microsoft Dynamics…


Keep them coming! more and more CRM Online trials

So far I’m still on the standing list to win the prize for guessing how many new trials of CRM Online we will get from November 1st to November 30.  The response has been fantastic but my number is still way north so I need more of you to encourage your customers to get a…


Get a free CRM Online trial in just minutes!

The latest and greatest CRM Online version (internally called R4) was released this week. While this is not a brand new major version there are a ton of enhancements:  Enhanced home page (with charts), improved import data tools, getting started sections and a ton of enhancements around performance and reliability of the outlook client.  …


Improved CRM Outlook client released (aka R4 client)

Today I received the news that our outlook CRM team just released an improved outlook client (that we internally have refered to as R4 client) which works with CRM online and CRM4 on-premise.  There are A TON of enhancements and I’m sure that someone from our marketing or outlook team will do a blog post…


Check out the new look of the CRM dev center!

New look, new content… the CRM dev center rocks! Feedback welcome, happy to pass that along to our documentation team 🙂


Zune HD, Quad Core desktop, SSD laptop or LED TV?

I don’t usually post personal stuff on this blog but since I’m still not supposed to blog about all the things that I’m working on* I decided to break my own rules he he. For the past month or so I’ve spent countless hours wondering what to purchase from the items mentioned on the title….


CRM 4.0 and Dynamics GP 10 connector

Did you know that the Dynamics CRM-GP 10 connector has already been released and that is Free?   Yup… you can find all the information that you need in the GP’s team blog here:  I haven’t personally dowloaded/tried the connector but I imagine that a ton of partners will be anxious to give it a…