No plug-ins for N:N relationships (associate/disassociate)

And I’m back, yeeeee!!!

It is really nice to see the sunlight again… oh wait, there is not much sun around Seattle J. Well anyhow, specifications for the features that I’m driving in our next milestone are done and I’ll finally had the chance to reconnect with the outside world he he, time for devs to go dark 😉

And to celebrate my return let me post something that I’m sure many CRM developers have wondered about. Why are plug-ins for the associate/disassociate  (N:N relationships) not supported?  The reason is pretty straight forward; we didn’t design/plan to support them for the V4 release.  Some of you may scream “what???!!!! How come you didn’t do that?” and I absolutely sympathize with you but there is just so much that a release can deliver.

You will find some hacks to enable some of the above, just do a search for “n:N relationship plug-ins” and you will likely find them.  Be extra careful because they are truly hacks that could render you CRM installation completely useless or even worse you can lose valuable customer data as they hack the CRM DB so don’t expect Microsoft to back them up or receive any kind of support to deal with any issues that may arise when using them.

The next question that someone would probably ask is: will you incorporate the proper/supported functionality in v.Next (major release)?  I’m told (I don’t really drive that particular area) that it is definitively on the radar so I would expect that yes; it should be there for the next major release.



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  1. Aamir Mehmood says:

    As of today Dec 07, 2010 could you please confirm if Microsoft incorporated the proper/supported functionality for associate/disassociate  (N:N relationships) in CRM 2011???

    Many Thanks

  2. Mahesh Hariharan[PM] says:

    In CRM 2011, we have taken the feedback from the developer community and have added support – so events do fire when you associate, disassociate N:N relationships and you can subscribe to them in your plug-ins.

  3. aamirmehmood says:

    Thank you…

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