NDepend Crash On Windows x64 (Resolved)

NDepend is a nice tool to analyze .NET codebase. I use its open source/trial edition for several projects. It was yesterday that I noticed its latest version crashed on Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64 only). As I have learned about debugging with WinDBG, I attached the debugger onto the process and started my little research….


How to Handle .NET Unhandled Exceptions Gracefully

I know there were already lots of discussions about this topic, but as a .NET developer and support engineer, I really want to share some experience so that beginners can start easily. We should really pay attention to unhandled exceptions in our .NET applications because they are unhandled. This is a silly statement but we…


BadImageFormatException Reproduced in Visual Studio 2008 on x64 Windows

This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights. Well, I guess most ASP.NET people know “Platform target” setting in a project. There are four options, Any CPU, x86, x64, and Itanium (aka IA64). When you are debugging a web application inside Visual Studio 2008 on x64 Windows, sometimes you will…


I Love C# 4.0

Just finishing watch Anders Hejlsberg’s PDC 2008 session named The Future of C#, I feel so happy to be a C# developer. Those cool features are just cool. So I am going to download Visual Studio 2010 CTP tomorrow to test some of my understandings. Hope it brings me more fun. Of course I will…


PDC 2008 and .NET New Logo

This year’s PDC is coming next week. Because there will be a lot of companies there (Microsoft for sure, DevExpress, Embarcadero, and so on) with many important announcements, I just cannot wait like these guys. I am quite interested in Visual Studio 2010 and Delphi Prism. You can keep an eye on the official site…