NDepend Crash On Windows x64 (Resolved)

NDepend is a nice tool to analyze .NET codebase. I use its open source/trial edition for several projects.

It was yesterday that I noticed its latest version crashed on Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64 only). As I have learned about debugging with WinDBG, I attached the debugger onto the process and started my little research. I can confirm the crash was caused by a System.OverflowException on main thread, and even identify the function that threw this exception, but due to the gap between MSIL and jitted assembly code, I could not move further. Therefore, I wrote to NDepend support and shared the information with Patrick Smacchia.

Currently, the easiest workaround is like this, (assuming you have Visual Studio 2008 installed)

1. Open a Visual Studio command prompt as administrator,

2. Navigate to the folder that contains VisualNDepend.exe.

3. Execute this command to force the executable to run in 32 bit mode (please ignore the warning),

corflags VisualNDepend.exe /32BIT+ /Force

This trick helped me in the past and hope it can help you again.


Patrick just mailed to me and let me know the issue is successfully resolved and for future versions of NDepend the above workaround is no more necessary. Congrats!

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