DIY Dump Analysis, Possible?

I have been support engineer for almost a year, but I still find myself shallow in the field, as I cannot do dump analysis alone.

This is an art of troubleshooting, but I bet obviously not everyone in the programming world would like to perform such a task daily. So masters of this art are hidden somewhere.

But what if you meet a very complicated case and have to resort to dump analysis? I have answered such queries several times on forums with my own answer, “open a case via”. Obviously that’s the easiest way to involve an expert to help.

You cannot always satisfy all people around the world, as someone would like to perform that task by himself/herself. Well, nothing is impossible.

To prepare yourself for that, digest every words available in this field may be a good start. The following are the useful link I found today, and hope they can assist you along the way.

  • DumpAnalysis.Org is a portal that aggregates a lot of useful articles.
  • Memory Dump Analysis Anthology (Volume 1 and 2) by Dmitry Vostokov.
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