I Am Leaving But My Passion Remains

It is appreciated that my team support me in the past few months. But finally the day comes on May 21. I am leaving Microsoft and will move on to new challenges and opportunities. I love Microsoft. Here I learned more about .NET CLR, ASP.NET and many others. Talking with customers every day is a…


Why Microsoft Support Should Be Contacted In Many Scenarios

http://www.componentfactory.com/blog/2010/04/vs2010-is-working/ Since I subscribed to Phil’s blog after using his amazing Krypton Toolkit free controls, I could not avoid his recent posts on VS2010 failures on his machine. He, as a good .NET component vendor, fired a bug report to our Microsoft Connect portal. But I suggested he contact Microsoft support immediately. Why? *Uniqueness* He…


NDepend Crash On Windows x64 (Resolved)

NDepend is a nice tool to analyze .NET codebase. I use its open source/trial edition for several projects. It was yesterday that I noticed its latest version crashed on Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64 only). As I have learned about debugging with WinDBG, I attached the debugger onto the process and started my little research….


IIS Worker Process Performance Monitoring Tips

(For IIS 6 and above) Scenario 1: Performance Monitor (Perfmon) has been part of Windows for a long time, but if you have many application pools and only one of them experience high CPU or memory usage issue, how to use Perfmon to track its long term usage trend? Follow this article and ask perfmon…


SSL Diagnostics for IIS 7.*

We still need good tools to help troubleshoot SSL issues on IIS 7 and IIS 7.5. Then we have two choices, Use The Official SSL Diagnostics Tool for IIS 6 1. Turn on IIS 6 Compatibilities features on IIS 7.*. 2. Install SSL Diagnostics 1.1 for IIS 6. 3. Run SSL Diagnostics tool as administrator….


Astonishing Tomcat Connector Status

There are a lot of questions on IIS.net forums about running Tomcat Connector on IIS. Sounds like in many cases such configuration will fail. I am not a Tomcat user, so it is not easy to check on the details, but just found this horrible notice published on Apache site under Supported Configuration section, The…


When The Application/Program Crashes (on Windows)

If I were not a support engineer at Microsoft, obviously I could not know there are so many applications/programs crashing all around the world. So what to do when the application crashes on your machine when you need it the most? No, please don’t burst into tears or crying out on any internet forums (either…


Commands Supported by FtpWebRequest and IIS FTP

Server Side Commands FTP 7.5 accepts the following FTP commands. 214-The following commands are recognized (* ==>’s unimplemented).     ABOR     ACCT     ADAT *     ALLO     APPE     AUTH     CCC     CDUP     CWD     DELE     ENC *     EPRT     EPSV     FEAT     HELP     HOST     LANG    …


DIY Dump Analysis, Possible?

I have been support engineer for almost a year, but I still find myself shallow in the field, as I cannot do dump analysis alone. This is an art of troubleshooting, but I bet obviously not everyone in the programming world would like to perform such a task daily. So masters of this art are…


Database for Web Applications

When you thought the whole world is using multi-core micro-processor, remember that I still have a single-core computer at home. Likewise, we still see legacy web applications who use Access as database. But it is time to upgrade to a real powerful database for web applications, guys. I cannot count how many times I put…