Using Solver Foundation and plug-in solvers in IronPython

Solver Foundation provides an easy-to-use and flexible plug-in infrastructure as an addition to its already rich set of solvers. Users can choose their favorite plugin solvers to solve the model, and yet leverage all features provided in Solver Foundation Services (SFS). The key process is to register the plug-in solvers via an app.config file. A…

Sparse input data and data binding

Solver Foundation supports flexible data binding so that the algebraic model can be separated from the data source. In Solver Foundation, both parameters and decisions can be bound to data source.  It makes writing and maintaining models really easy.  To bind a parameter to a data source, we usually need to specify the data source,…

Deploy OML model from Excel to Visual Studio

Deploy-to-C# is a new feature we shipped in Solver Foundation v2.0 Excel Add-in. The idea is to simplify the process of deploying an OML model written in the Add-in into a Visual Studio project that builds the same model using Solver Foundation Services APIs. With this new feature, users who are comfortable in writing and…


Try out our F# ODSL and SFS wrapper sample with the newly released F# October CTP ( The F# ODSL and SFS wrapper included in Solver Foundation v2.0 utilize the new feature, unit of measure, in F# to facilitate more robust modeling experience. In order to try out the sample, you will need to download the most recent update of F#, v1.9.7.8, from the link above. Have fun!

Solver Foundation V2.0 is shipped today!

We are pleased to announce the release of Solver Foundation v2.0. This is the fourth on-time commercial release for the product. The Express edition is available now at The Standard Edition of Solver Foundation v2.0 has released-to-manufacturing, and will be available online via MSDN subscriber downloads the week of 11oct09, and offline world-wide via…

Optimization domain specific language in F# with units of measure

In Solver Foundation CTP release, we shipped an optimization domain specific language (ODSL) in F#, which embedded Solver Foundation simplex solver for solving linear programming models. In the upcoming version 2 release, we will ship an enhanced version of this ODSL. Here are some of the highlights: ·         Units of measure: in F# numerical quantities can be…

Solver Foundation v1.2 is released!

Please check out for an immediate access to our Express edition. Standard edition will be ready through MSDN subscription in the following days. It’s really exciting to see three releases in five months. – Lengning


Solver Foundation in Action!

Here is a post that describes a recent use case of Microsoft Solver Foundation in real world applications. Thank you Pascal for contacting us with the problem and collaborating with us to get the work done in time. It was great fun for us working with you.