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Alexander Stojanovic is the founder of Microsoft Solver Foundation. Please check out his blog at  Min Wei is the principle engineer of Microsoft Solver Foundation. His blog is available at Nathan Brixius has put up a nice blog post that aggregates links to other blogs and resources about Microsoft Solver Foundation: – Lengning Liu


Using Solver Foundation to generate Sudoku puzzles, Part III (final)

This is the final post on the Sudoku puzzle generator. We have seen how to generate a Sudoku puzzle by using Microsoft Solver Foundation to repeatedly solve the Sudoku model with different board configurations. The data binding feature in Solver Foundation Services makes the process elegant in the sense that only the data source needs…


Using Solver Foundation to generate Sudoku puzzles, Part II

In our last post, we saw the model for completing a Sudoku board given a particular board configuration. In this post, we will show how to repeatedly use this model to generate a Sudoku puzzle. Let us first take a look at the main procedure of the puzzle generation. Public Function GeneratePuzzle() As SudokuBoardCell(,)  …


Arithmetics on indexes in OML

Here is the link to the original post (thank Shahar for posting the trick). The trick to make arithmetics valid on Decision/Parameter indexes in OML is to declare the Sets on which the indexes are defined as Integers. Here is the OML model that illustrates how arithmetics is done. Model[   //define the set as an…


Use Scalar Parameters for SFS Data Binding in F#

Parameters in Solver Foundation Services (SFS) provide a convenient way of separating models from their input data. In the MSF-SFSProgrammingPrimer doc included in the release, we have the following example: Sample 4: Using Parameters for LINQ Data Binding Often we will want to iteratively run the same model with different data parameters.  Instead of recreating the same model…


Using Solver Foundation to generate Sudoku puzzles, Part I

I will be posting a series of articles that illustrate how to use the recently released Microsoft Solver Foundation to solve various problems. Let us start with this fun problem: generating Sudoku puzzles. We will see how to model the problem in Solver Foundation and how to drive the creation of Sudoku puzzles from Excel spreadsheet via Excel plug-in….


Solver Foundation version one is finally released Global competitiveness requires that companies adopt agile techniques for planning, scheduling, risk management, and strategic decision making. Modeling the decisions to be made and the constraints placed upon them in a way that can address the needs of all stakeholders has been a long time area of academic and industrial research. CxOs, business analysts,…